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Seeking to achieve a Perfect delusion, called dream; Is the VISION.
Creating Imperfection and keeping development on going; Is the MISSION.
Users decide the VALUE.

~ Mutaz E. G. Alhawash - Founder & codeigner

oigency provides high-end services

At oigency we believe that we are able to create, perform and develop all the services you need to conquer the market, build a solid customer and client base to raise your income / revenue to a coast at your convenience. The following is a list of services that we are able to provide; and detailed packages to match your requirements.

Brand Investment, Corporate Identity Creation And Logos Design

Corporate identity is the spirit of your (company, business, film, ...etc); It's heart is the logo that represents and identifies your business personality. and leaves the very first impression for your audience.

Internet-Casting, Crafting Web And Online Solutions

Following spiders strategies in casting webs, we have our own unique ways in creating modern online solutions to catch unwary future clients and customers passing by your business online. It has been proven nowadays that websites are the most powerful tools for communication and digital online representation.

Test Some Websites created by oigency

Computer Graphics Design And Animation

Since the 80's, animation has become a powerful tool to transfer feelings and Information to children, nevertheless everybody. as it’s also used as a tool to define your company / business / app / website how-to, usage and benefits.

Online / Offline Marketing, Advertising Solution and Publications

After the evolution of computers, Internet has become one of the most important factors in one’s life. Exploitation the internet and its networks to spread the word. As well as not forgetting the other methods used to be there which we define as offline. Since the war is already standing between both - online vs. offline - methods. We are in no man's land ready to guide you taking the best advantages of what is better for your business / audience.

Multimedia, Photography And Cinematography

Once upon a time, anonymous said: “a picture is worth a thousand words”. Technically a video is a sequence of images played at a rate of (24 / 60) picture per one second. And now you can tell the value of a video. Nowadays Multimedia is widely used everywhere and by multimedia we point to images / music / sound effects / videos and other means of multimedia.

Software Solutions And Mobile Applications Development

Since the introduction of smartphones, mobiles have become a major in pocket computers that travel with us almost everywhere; (even toilets). Providing us with capabilities to run apps, games and do functions that used to be out of huge computers league. At oigency we believe that the best software is a software that could be available for its users as web application / stand alone program / mobile application and other means of tecnology. depending on the user and the app itself

Business, Finance Consulting And Accounting Services

Business administration is a huge umbrella that have marketing, sales, management, human resources, branding and other sectors right beneath it. With the spread of Entrepreneurship and startups. Everybody has become confident to start running their own businesses. We are able to advise you to solve your problems and help you expand / scale up your business in the right way. or even plan for your non-established business to hike the market as expected. with the experience of experts, We outsource to the best Marketing, Management firms and accounting offices in the region.

Unique Content Writing and copyrighting

“People don’t read”; though, we write for humans who can. Those who can tell the value out of words.which creates a richer value of your representation among your audience and search engine robots. Originality, is what people look for on a long term.


As a result , oigency helps you create and develop a solid rock identity.
lead you to find out your persona.
By absorbing what “you” do for a living oigency is going to introduce you properly to your audience through creating all the rich media needed using all the available means for spreading the word.

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